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If you'd like to share your secrets for staying thin, complain about how hard it is to lose weight, or commiserate about how much you ate today, this is the place for you.

Before and After: How 1 Woman Lost Half Her Size

Posted By Leta Shy on Jul 15, 2016 at 5:08PM

Losing weight — and keeping it off — is a slow, steady, and difficult journey, and no one knows that more than the women who've been there before. Like Taryn Haley, who decided in 2012 to start working out and eating right. By late 2013, she was down to half her previous size. Inspired? We are too. Check out Taryn's incredible story below!

Taryn: Before

POPSUGAR: What made you decide to start?
Taryn Haley: In January of 2012, I made the decision to try working out at a gym. This wasn't the first time I had worked out at a gym — it wasn't the first time I had tried to get healthy. People often ask me this question, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I wish I could say I had some romantic moment where I had the whip cream aerosol can in my mouth and heard a divine voice say, "Taryn, this is not the life for you," but no. I had no "This is the time I'm going to succeed!" mentality. I had a few motivators, including wanting to conceive a child with my husband, and a faraway dream of being a certain size and looking a certain way. But mainly the reason I started getting healthy is . . . well . . . that's what you do when you're heavy — you think about losing weight and being thin, yet never really thinking you will.

PS: What's your favorite way to work out?
TH: My absolute favorite exercise is running. I enjoy many different types of workouts, both strength and cardio, but find that nothing gives me the results and the same endorphin-boosting satisfaction as running. I run on the treadmill and outdoors, and at the beginning of this year, I have committed to running at least one road race per month, my longest thus far being a 15K.

PS: What's your weekly exercise schedule?
TH: Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, I do a workout that combines strength training with some high-intensity interval training cardio (typically treadmill or elliptical). Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, I complete 45 minutes to one hour of straight cardio, typically running outdoors or doing the elliptical, and will add some core work (crunches, etc.) at the end. Thursdays are my "off" days, and that doesn't mean vegging out on the couch and doing nothing! I'll go out dancing or go for a nice walk, but nothing too intense, and I'll also foam roll to work out muscles and allow them a day to recover.

Taryn: Before

PS: How do you keep workouts exciting?
TH: I try new things all the time at my local recreation center, including Zumba classes, swimming, etc. To keep my strength-training workouts fresh, I will typically prepare a full workout on a note card the night before, writing down what I am going to do, and how many. When I feel that they're getting a bit stale, I will reference fitsugar.com for some great new workout moves! The other way I like to keep my workouts exciting is by beefing up my iPod — gotta keep that playlist fresh and funky if you're going to stay motivated! Shopping for cute new workout outfits helps as well! Recently I have also discovered and tried to participate more in working out with a partner — running with a buddy around town or doing a strength-training workout with someone also trying to get fit or going for a local hike with a friend you need to catch up with. It is a great way to pass the time and connect with someone while participating in healthy activities.

See Taryn's amazing transformation!

Why can't I lose weight?

Posted By wkoutgurl on Jul 7, 2010 at 11:04AM

I've been doing hard-core exercising since May, and in early June I kicked up my diet so that I'm eating around 1550 calories per day and avoiding "bad" foods that I know will just weigh me down.  However, I have barely seen the scale budge.  And while I'm sculpting some pretty awesome muscles in my arms and legs from all the working out, my clothes are fitting pretty much the same.  And I am getting SO frustrated.  Any tips or advice?

Your Tips on Cutting Calories

Posted By Fitness on Jan 28, 2010 at 5:50AM

If getting fit in 2010 and finally losing weight is one of your goals, getting portions under control and learning tricks for cutting calories are great ways to make that happen. Here are some of your tips on how to lower your calorie intake.

  • "Don't drink calories (except milk in cereal)." — pixystik4u
  • "Spritz olive oil spray instead of drizzling while I am cooking." — frenchys
  • An anonymous reader said, "Dip your fork in salad dressing with each bite instead of pouring the dressing on. It makes each bite more flavorful and you end up using much less."
  • "Replace half of every meal portion with salad leaves — whatever it was that you were going to eat, halve your portion, then fill up the plate with baby leaf spinach, or lettuce, anything that is raw, and has no dressing." — ticamorena
  • Zulkey says, "I try to add low-calorie foods to my high calorie food to bulk it up. Like I made a sausage/bean/crouton/asparagus dish from Smitten Kitchen but put it on a bed of spinach. Other than that, I just try to reduce the amount of butter/oil in a recipe so I still get flavor but save about a hundred calories."
  • "Keeping up with what you eat in a food journal helps so you can track any extra calories you're taking in. And a big thing that helps me is to try to eat slower. I tend to inhale my food, but if I take time to eat it, I realize I'm full faster." — katyharper

For more of your great tips, keep reading

Staying Hydrated

Posted By Blondi3 on Nov 6, 2009 at 4:04AM

How do you guys make sure you get enought water?  I just took this quiz and it said that I'm as "Dry as the Sahara Desert"!! YIKES.  I've started bringing/keeping Crystal Light to-go packs with me so I can easily just pour them into my bottle/cup of water...any one else do this?

Hey, just started a blog about my journey to a healthy body image/outfit blog

Posted By OneBodytoLove on Oct 16, 2009 at 6:34PM

I would love it if people subscribed, commented, etc.

happy weight caculator

Posted By hippielovebaby on Mar 2, 2009 at 11:43PM

thsi will help you determine wat youre exact body weight should be by answering a few questions about yourself... its actually pretty neat


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weaknees of take out

Posted By hippielovebaby on Jan 19, 2009 at 8:59PM

which take out will you eat even knowing that itll ruin ur whole work out from that day

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best workouts ever, not boring but very helpful

Posted By hippielovebaby on Jan 19, 2009 at 8:06PM


which do you prefer, crunches or sit ups?

Posted By hippielovebaby on Jan 16, 2009 at 5:58PM

which do you find more helpful in losing weight?

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where did my abs go?

Posted By hippielovebaby on Jan 15, 2009 at 11:34PM

its been atleast a month since i misscarried and i still cant get my stomach back to where it used to be when i had abs and firmer everything . is there n-e-tips i can get ti firm up my abdominals?

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